Flying Domestic: The Spontaneous Maneuvers of Reflective Father is a collection of six paintings that attempt to capture a moment in time. Intuitively painted over the first year living in a new climate, new space, job, and life these explorations try to bring the simple pleasures of making to the surface while reflecting on home life as a father. 

Flying Domestic (selections)

Gesso Bwoy; Patagucci sweater, birds of a feather.

Dead Reckoning; exploring the ways of the lost. 

Subversive Sensitivity; Radical love in the age of hate. 

Split-Complimentary: The opposite of your opposite is my lover. 

Tape Technology; texture reveal party. 

Cross Colours; You can get with this or you can get with that. 

Flying Domestic: The Spontaneous Maneuvers of Reflective Father

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